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Recently I realized that I lacked a masterpost/am not the world's greatest tagger. So I asked myself, which would I rather do: compile everything here into one giant list, or work on one of the two essays that I have due this week?

This was the result.

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fic: silence (like a cancer grows)

title: silence (like a cancer grows)
rating/warnings: R/drinking, mentions of (if not suicidal thoughts) not wanting to live forever, brief mention of Sam not eating properly
pairings: none
summary: post 9.13. Sam and Dean don't talk about what was said before, and things go entirely south.

On AO3

Sam and Dean stop overnight at a motel on their way back to the bunker.Collapse )

fic: After the Storm

Title: After the Storm
Rating/warnings: PG-13/language and spoilers
Pairing: Castiel/Sam (mild)
Summary: 9.10 coda. Sam and Castiel deal with the fallout of Gadreel leaving.

Notes: also on AO3 if that's what you're into.

Once the Impala has disappeared down the road, Sam closes his eyes and tries to just feel.Collapse )

The Guilty Ones
Title: The Guilty Ones
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: R
Warnings: attempted suicide, spoilers through 9.06
Word count: ~3200
Summary: Cas takes some bad news very poorly, and Dean doesn't do a great job of making things better.

a/n: written for darkforetold for the 2013 spn_j2_xmas exchange.
"Look, Cas..."Collapse )

If anyone feels like "commissioning" me for a fic, I have a threat at fandomaid, found here. It's for a good cause, so if you're interested, there you go!

Life Update!
I don't think I'm going to be claiming a piece of art for RBB, not because there isn't plenty of quality stuff, but because I've been so busy lately. School has gotten pretty intense, and work and other obligations have been taking up a lot of my time. I don't think I can commit to being the sort of collaborator an artist deserves.

I'll still be watching the mad rush of claims, though! And hopefully I'll have time to finish up the WIPs sitting around in my files.

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I ship Dean/Castiel, but every time I see a canon campaign for it that uses "support queer rights!!!!" as part of their platform, I loathe the pairing a little more.

Making Dean/Castiel canon wouldn't increase LGBT visibility. It would be one male/male couple. And while that's still something, y'know, it totally ignores lesbians. And holy shit, there's a T??? What does that stand for???

(hint: it's something that has nothing to do with Dean/Castiel.)

Why use LGBT if you're going to ignore half the acronym? Or queer if you just care about one minute part of the term?

fic: Long Before Dawn

Title: Long Before Dawn
Rating: R
Pairings: onesided Dean/Castiel; mentions to past Castiel/OMCs
Warnings: Abortion, mentions of past non-con, underage (both Dean and Castiel are 17)
Summary: Castiel has been acting cagey for a long time when he finally asks Dean for a ride to an undisclosed location.

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Still Not Dead: A Personal Note
I am, in fact alive! In case any of you were wondering.

I've been distanced from fandom lately (or at least, from SPN). I can't really say why. I've enjoyed Season Eight for the most part; I think Carver has done a good job with the show. But the passion that I used to feel just isn't there anymore. 8.18? Didn't get a reaction from me at all.

That's not to say that this is goodbye -- I'm still reading and half-watching my flist (though, in all fairness, I'm more likely to see something if it's on AO3). I hope the urge to write and be active comes back, because I've had some great times in fandom. But at the moment, I don't really know if that's going to happen.

So, yeah. Just in case any of you were wondering.

fic: At the End of the Rope

Title: At the End of the Rope
Rating/warnings: R/ suicidal descriptions
Spoilers: general season 8 spoilers
Pairings: gen
Summary: Naomi gives Castiel an impossible order. He finds a way out.

Notes: this is a short (<1000 words) piece to help me get over the block that's been keeping me from writing. There might be another part; I'm not sure.

This is crossposted to AO3 and tumblr. Most of my fics should be archived on those websites as well as here. To be honest, I've been a bit irritated with livejournal lately -- it's been really slow; it took me several times just to get the "update" page loaded. I don't plan to jump ship anytime soon, but I do feel that it's good to have other options.

"Kill the Winchesters."Collapse )


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