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All This Derision [Masterpost]

Title: All This Derision
Author: lies_unfurl
Artist: drsxc
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural; AU, suspense, angst
Pairing(s): Dean/Cas, Sam/Jessica
Rating: R
Word Count: ~23,000
Warnings: Spoilers for most aired content, graphic sex

Summary: Working as a museum curator in Kansas and living with his boyfriend of several years, Castiel's life is fairly unremarkable. Or at least, it was until the dreams started: a dark forest, things lurking behind the trees, the constant sense of being hunted… they invade his mind, wearing on him until he's certain that they aren't normal dreams. But the truth of the matter is something that he's entirely unprepared for, and what he finds out will completely and permanently alter the world he thought he knew.

Notes: First off, I'd like to thank the amazing drsxc for all of her hard work on her illustrations. Please check them out at some point! I had a great time working with her.

Secondly, thanks to jonjokeat for beta reading! It was very helpful.


SAME TO YOU *rushes off to comment on your masterpost*

I haven't read this yet but I will soon. It looks really interesting! Congratulations on finishing your DCBB!!!

Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy it. <3

finished reading this this morning and it was just perfect and askdjfalkd ♥ i loved everything about it, and the ending was beautiful.
♥ ♥

Thanks for such a nice comment! ♥ I'm glad that you liked this.

Thanks for the AO3 link!

You're very welcome!


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